High Performance DC/AC Sensing Technology Applications

Motor Control and Power Supplies,
Battery Management and Energy Metering,
Safety Leakage Current Measurement, and

Battery Management Systems

With our DC-CT Sensor battery charging and discharging currents are monitored very accurately due to a low offset, below 10 mA, and at high accuracy of 0.1% to offer excellent continuous state of charge determination.

High Performance Motor Control

With over 1 MHz bandwidth, low noise below 1 mArms and high accuracy of 0.1% the DC-CT offers high acceleration, smooth (low-ripple) low-speed, high-speed operation with accurate positioning.

Charging and Energy Metering

The DC-CT high accuracy shortens battery charging times, and due to its high accuracy over wide temperature range makes DC-CT the best current sensor for use in charging stations, energy metering and billing systems.

Safety Leakage Measurement

The DC-CT provides the most cost effective solution for leakage current measurement in DC/AC systems. It is due to a galvanically isolated design, excellent immunity to external DC/AC magnetic fields, and precision better than 500 μA.

Plug & Play Sensor for Power Supplies

The all in one solution, simple use, makes DC-CT a Plug & Play high accuracy sensor component for use in Switching Power Supplies. Voltage output, high immunity allows compact placement next to power chokes, minimizing total PCB dimension.

Photo-voltaic DC Metering

The DC-CT excellent stability and accuracy help you analyzing photo-voltaic power generation, early detection of performance degradation, with aim to improve system performance and ROI.

Magnetic Field Sensor

Wide temperature operation from -40°C to over 140°C, and high sensitivity of 5 mGauss.

Automation, ATE and High-Tech Research

Flexible DC-CT solutions support the state-of-the-art power supplies in synchrotrons, variable inductance chokes and magnetic field sensing.

Innovative Sensing

The core of the DC-CT technology relies on the principle of measuring a DC component in a closed-loop core. A DC flux path is modulated in a small region only by a new type of magnetic component called a magnetic switch.

Uros Platise, inventor

High Accuracy and Linearity

A single core operates in a zero-flux mode, in which a secondary compensation winding mirrors the primary current for a ratio proportional to the number of secondary turns yielding gain accuracy of 0.1% and below.

High Sensitivity and Wide Bandwidth

A closed-loop gap-less core with very high permeability directly brings a very high sensitivity of less than 0.5 mA and 100 A range. Ferromagnetic materials in addition offer wide bandwidths over one MHz and at rated current.

High Stability at Low Offset and Noise

The DC sensing principle is temperature independent and yields offsets below 0.1% RR over entire temperature range. Due to its locality it generates negligible noise under 1 mA_rms. The residual core remanences that may generate magnetic offset are removed by degaussing the gap-less core to
less than 10 mA.

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